The BNews - 03-12-18 - New opera finished

Today I am very pleased to announce that after twenty years I finally finished another opera.
It is called EWIGER FRIEDEN and is basically a one-act chamber opera (5 singers, 12 instrumentalists, 5 scenes, about 60 minutes).

The work was commissioned by sirene operntheater and will be performed next year in Vienna as part of a cycle of seven chamber operas named Misericordia.

The libretto of my opera is by  Kristine Tornquist and is downright ideal for me and my ideas about what opera should be. The story is set in a funeral home, but the opera mixes tragic and comic aspects in a way that these aspects don't only alternate but interpenetrate each other so that both are present during the whole piece. Furthermore the dramaturgy strongly supports the scenic and the musical aspects at once, and last but not least the cadence and rhythm of the text are so musical that they made it very easy for me to set.

The cast of my opera is composed of one soprano, one tenor and three baritones. The instrumental ensemble consists of one clarinet/bass clarinet, two percussionists (one mainly mallets and the other one mainly drums), guitar/electric guitar, piano, accordion, two violins, viola, two violoncelli and contrabass.

There would be much to tell, and at the moment I could talk about this work for hours, but I guess that it's already enough information for the moment.


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